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The Table Times is THE industry leader in providing over 14,000 top locally-owned restaurants with custom-designed, tear, spill and virus-proof menus in our localized entertainment booklets and online at no cost whatsoever! Sponsored by article spotlights for local community-driven businesses, the booklet also contains the restaurant’s custom-designed menu, trivia, jokes and fun facts about the local area! The Table Times are designed to relieve pressure off your wait staff during peak times and require families to put down electronic devices and engage with one another.

History has shown that families and businesses do a high percentage of decision-making over meals. Today’s high-paced, stressful society is no different, as most families and businesses use meals to socialize and conduct critical decision-making in their respective lives.

We enhance the restaurant’s menu and maintain flexibility while saving them income. There is never any charge to the restaurants, they get everything absolutely free. With fluctuating prices, it’s difficult for restaurants to add/subtract items from the menu and make pricing adjustments or design changes. To solve this problem, we publish in smaller quantities and maintain an emphasis on quality with attention to detail.

In addition to the physical copy, we display and update each participating restaurant’s menu online. You will also receive a counter stand with a QR code link directly to the menu. Never worry about menus again!

The Table Times Sponsorship Program Details

Each sponsorship is a one-time fee that includes everything; designing your ad and professionally writing your article with your approval before production.

Display Ad

Our in-house design team creates you a full-color, custom display ad placed in every booklet on the tabletops at your local participating restaurants. Other than name branding your business in your community, a great way to track your investment is utilizing a QR Code because your information goes directly to their smartphone/device. We design the QR Code to go to a special incentive/coupon or directly to your website/social media page.


Using a questionnaire you answer, our in-house staff writing team professionally writes a 250-word article about your business that rotates around the tabletops of your participating restaurants. Our sponsors use the article to thank their current clients for their business over the years and allows you to tell the community how you got started, what you specialize in and why you’re the best choice. You approve your article before production.

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